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You might be surprised to know that I have a handful of interests outside of real estate. I am a huge lover of creative instrumental music, bike riding, auto racing, thrill rides at amusement parks, inline skating, fishing, muscle cars, movies, computer technology, playing cards, digital photography, investing, reading and just about anything else that is either fun or challenging.

I have never met anyone who I didn’t share at least a couple of common interests with and this is why social networking is so great. I am a member of handful of social networks and I have even created a few specialized networks for my personal friends and my real estate clients. Here are my favorite social networks:


Facebook is the most popular social media site on the internet and it is growing one of the most popular small phone apps today. We love connecting and communicating with friends and clients using Facebook. We do share real estate info on our Facebook page but we also share a lot of community info, drone videos of local hot spots, parks, area attractions plus we like to highlight some of the fun things to do here Click here to connect with The Sam Miller Team on Facebook:

When it comes to online video there simply isn’t any site bigger than YouTube combines a video specific platform with a network featuring one of the most impressive search functions on the entire internet. Beyond the traditional videos featured on the site there are also channels with entertainment, education, online how to videos, music videos, political debates, business training and these are just a few examples. You can expect to see interesting video content when you subscribe to KNOXCOUNTYOHIOcom. We regularly share unique time lapse videos at sunrise and sunset, drone videos that feature birds eye flyover views of some of the most interesting community attractions. We also post video responses to common questions, hot topics and of course, we share real estate information as well. Some of the more color videos are the real time videos that are being broadcast as they are actually happening. These videos are shot live and they tend to be highly entertaining especially when Sam is fired up about the latest topic or trend. If you already have a YouTube account, Click Here to subscribe

One of the fastest and more interesting ways to community and share thoughts (think 280 character text messages), photos, videos, links. We use Twitter for updates, posting beautiful photos, videos and links to information that you might find useful and interesting. What we love about Twitter is that it allows us to instantly get our message out to you in a quick and easy format similar to a text message. One of the best features is that “Tweets” limit the length of your message to a maximum of 280 characters which helps keep the message brief. You can also include up to 4 photos, an animated GIF, or a video to your Tweet. You can Tweet from your computer, tablet, cell phone, and you can even tweet from an iPod Touch if you have a wifi connection. If you already have a Twitter account, CLICK HERE and click on the “FOLLOW” button on the right hand side.

This is a social networking service that allows members to interact with each other by sharing “pinning” images to custom created board about anything from DIY projects, travelling, entertainment, home décor, parenting, weddings, homes, fitness, photography and there are countless categories to choose from. We love to share fun things to do around Knox County, we are always sharing tasty places to eat, unique houses, cool cars and of course the latest Knox County Ohio real estate. If you’re a member of Pinterest, Click HERE: to visit our profile and then click “Follow” in the top right corner to keep up with our latest pins and newest Pinterest boards.


Instagram is super popular and this social media site is compiled entirely with mobile photography and short video clips. One of the most desirable features of Instagram is that viewing the latest photos and videos from friends is quick and easy using the scrolling feature. The search feature using #hashtags is an effective way to search, filter and view the results you are looking for. OurInstagram page features upbeat community photos and videos as well as some fun photos, community events, festivals, boating, jet skiing, drone videos, cool cars, cycling, lots of sunrise and sunset photos taken throughout Knox County Ohio plus some bonus travel photos taken from time to time.


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